Negotiable Hosting

The foundation at Philly Techies is the importance put on each customer and every web site hosted. Each has unique characteristics. Individual requirements can be crucial. One size does not fit all. To accommodate these variations Philly Techies offers Negotiable Hosting.


What is Negotiable Hosting?


Clients fashion a hosting plan specific to their needs and then name the price. Reasonable prices are accepted and the client is provided the hosting plan tailored to their individual requirements at the price they set. No more overkill of unneeded services from prepackaged plans with stringent pricing.

Negotiable Hosting provides an environment where “everything is negotiable”. The hosting plan is formed by the client. The type of hosting and the desired platform are chosen. Features such as web space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts, and additional users are selected and measured out at appropriate levels. Unneeded Services are excluded. The customized plan is made up of only features requested and those in suitable amounts. Efficiency of price is the result. The client is never charged for inapplicable services or unused quantities. Lastly clients submit a price they are comfortable with and deem reasonable.

The plan is analyzed by Philly Techies. Services are weighed against the price submitted. One of two actions is taken. In most cases the plan is be approved and the account is immediately activated or a counter offer is forwarded to the client. The predominate outcome is clients with hosting plans which they formulated, contributed to and feel are in a mutually beneficial price range.

Negotiable Hosting is an idea whose time has come. It is fast becoming the most cost effective hosting service available. Lean hosting plans furnishing exactly the features required at adequate levels are the result. Unneeded and unused services are eliminated. Pricing is negotiated so as to give the most for the hosting dollar. Clients play a dominate roll in sculpting the hosting package and determining the price. Clients can rest assured they have the right plan for the right price.